Since it’s Christmas time, people like to pickup calendars for gifts.  I have some calendars for sale that show a wide range of different locations.  From New England Lighthouses, to Monterey California, Boston at night, and two different views of Maui.  The pictures of the individual calendars are links to where they can be bought.

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Here are images of some of the many lighthouses that dot the coast of New England.  This is a calendar that will benefit the American Red Cross.  All profits from the sale of this calendar will be donated to the Red Cross for Hurricane relief

boston calendar cover Calendars

Boston is quite photogenic at night.  Here is a calendar from around Boston at night showing the beauty of the city.

maine calendar cover Calendars

The coast of Maine, from York up to Bar Harbor and including Acadia National Park

maui calendar cover Calendars

Views from around the Island of Maui in Hawaii. From the top of Mount Haleakala to the beaches and even some windsurfers.


monterey calendar cover Calendars

Over the course of about 24 hours I went all around Monterey California.  Starting from Ocean View Boulevard at dawn and ending at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel at sunset

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Finally, I was thrilled to be able to watch the windsurfers of Maui on Hoo’kipa Beach.  It’s truly amazing to watch what they are able to do when the wind comes up in the afternoon and the waves get huge.

Clicking on the pictures of the individual calendars will link you to the websites where these are for sale.  Thanks for looking.

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